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Marine Engine Mounts

Vetus offer a wide range of marine engine mounts to suit most applications. All Vetus flexible engine mounts are designed for marine applications, to accept propeller thrust and offer easy adjustment to assist with alignment. For advice on the correct engine mount for you your application contact Fenquin on (02) 9605 5522. 


The Type K25v flexible engine mount contains a special rubber compound that offers excellent vibration damping properties. These mounts are suitable for small marine diesel engines and generators in the 6 to 20hp* range. 






The MISTEUN hydraulic engine mount is suitable for engines up to 35hp*and offers superb vibration and noise reduction capabilities.







Suitable for smaller engines up to 80hp*, the TYPE K flexible engine mount is available in three core hardnesses.






Designed with the modern 3 cylinder diesel engine in mind the K40v marine engine mount offers a relatively soft rubber compound that is especially shaped to create the optimum in vibration dampening.







Low vertical stiffness, combined with high longitudinal stiffness makes this engine mount ideal for heavy weight engines with 4 or more cylinders up to 170 hp*. The HY flexible engine mounts is available in  3 core hardnesses. 






These flexible engine mounts have been designed with the power to weight ratio of of modern diesels in mind, providing optimum damping of vibrations whilst allowing considerable thrust. Available in 4 core hardnesses, the LMX  mounts are suitable for marine diesel engines up to 480hp*. 





Please note:  * Horse power recommendations are estimates only. Contact Fenquin on (02) 9605 5522 for advice on the correct mount for your  application.