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Vetus Bow & Stern Thrusters


Since Vetus introduced the first bow thruster for pleasure boats in 1982, Vetus Thrusters have become arguably the world’s most popular Bow and Stern Thruster  for Yachts and Powerboats. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, Vetus Bow & Stern Thrusters  have built a reputation of providing high and efficient power along with reliable service.  


Vetus Electric Bow Thrusters 

Electric thruster for standard use in 12 or 24 volt applications.

Available from 25 kgf up to 285 kgf thrust options (note: 160 kgf model available in 24volt only & 285 kgf model available in 48 volt only).


 Ignition Protected Bow Thusters

Designed for boats with gasoline engines, to be used in applications where petrol or other fumes may be present.

Available in 25 kgf up to 125 kgf thrust options.


 Extended Run Time Bow Thrusters

For more demanding applications, electric motor can be run continuously for longer periods.

105 kgf, 130 kgf ,160 kgf & 220 kgf thrust options in 24 volt. (note: 105 kgf model also available in 12 volt).


 Retractable Bow Thrusters

Ideal when there is insufficient draft to install a regular thruster and/or to not disturb the lines of the hull

Available from 55 kgf up to 160kgf in 12 or 24 volt. (note 160 kgf available in 24volt only)

 hydraulic thrusters

 Hydraulic Bow Thrusters

7 models ranging from 55kgf to 550kgf thrust offering continuous run time. Designed to be incorporated into a hydraulic power system.


Stern Thrusters

For even greater manoeuvrability of your boat, Available in Electric Hydraulic, Ignition protected and extended run time.



Bow & Stern Thruster for an unlimited runtime, proportional control and virtually silent operation.

125kgf and 160kgf thrust options available in 48volt.