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Horizontal Windlasses

HRC6FF/HRCFF Maxwells new HRC series with anchor free fall automatically handles rope/chain combination anchor rode’s on boats ranging from metres 6.1 mtrs (20 foot) up to 12 mtrs (40 foot)in length. Handles 6/7mm (1/4″) short link chain spliced to 12mm (1/2″) rope or 8mm (5/16″) short link chain spliced to 12/14mm rope

For more information on the compact HRC6 & HRC8 click here.


Maxwell’s all new HRC10 series of windlass automatically handles rope/chain combination rode’s or all chain anchor rode’s with the flexibility of a rope handling capstan. The HRC10 is suitable on boats ranging in length from 8 mtrs (26 foot) up to 16 mtrs (53 foot).

Handles 8mm (5/16″) short link chain spliced to 14-16mm (5/8″) rope or 10mm (3/8″) short link chain spliced to 16mm rope or all chain rodes.

For more information on the Maxwell’s new HRC10 windlass click here.

HWC Series

The HWC series of Maxwell windlasses is designed for automatic handling of chain only anchor rodes whilst offering an independant capstan for rope handling. Suitable for vessells ranging in length from 10.5 mtrs (35 foot) up to 19mtrs (65 foot).

Suitable for short link chain sizes ranging from 6 -13mm.

For more information on the versatile HWC series click here.

 For advice on the right windlass for your application contact Fenquin on (02) 9605-5522