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Maxwell Winches

Maxwell anchor windlasses are born of innovation and backed by years of experience in the manufacture of the worlds highest quality anchor winches, rope capstans, pot haulers,  ancillary deck gear and stern handling products.

Maxwell recognises that boat owners do not only want an anchor winch that looks good but requires anchor winches that work flawlessly. With an on going commitment to excellence, product innovation, research and development, you can count on Maxwell windlass to secure you investment.

Maxwell has an extensive range of windlasses for all types of ground tackle, bow configurations, locker spaces and power requirements including;


Vertical Windlasses.

Maxwell’s vertical windlasses provide easy maintenance and take less space on deck with the capstan and gypsy mounted above deck, and the motor and gearbox below deck. A full 180 degree wrap of the anchor rode around the chain wheel, negates slippage and chain jumping. When rope handling, line pull on the warping drum can also be in any direction. 

 For more information on Maxwells Vertical windlasses click here.  



Horizontal Windlasses

Designed for installations where locker space is limited or not easily accessible, Maxwells range of horizontal  windlasses are mounted completely above deck with gypsy and capstan located to either side. Maxwell’s horizontal winches also suit applications where the deck thickness exceeds 200mm or when two anchors are to be handled from the one winch. All Maxwell horizontal windlasses provide a 90 degree wrap of the anchor rode around the chain wheel. All automatic rope/chain winches use Maxwells patented new chain wheel.

For more information on Maxwell Horizonal windlass range click here.  



Rope Capstans

The Maxwell range of rope capstans offer simple, low cost anchor recovery on smaller boats and reliable rope hauling on larger vessels. Functional rope hauling is provided from any direction thanks to Maxwell’s patented MAX-grip snag free warping drum.

 For more information on Maxwell’s rope capstans click here.