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Marine Exhaust Systems

Vetus offers a wide range  of wet exhaust components to suit a multitude of marine exhaust systems. Vetus are able to provide complete marine exhaust solutions offering everything required from waterlocks, mufflers, water gas separators, anti syphon valves, transom outlets and even exhaust hose and clamps. Vetus exhaust systems not only offer excellent noise reduction combined with minmal back pressure but due to innovative design, provides a long lasting  product that does not suffer from corrosion or osmosis.


In order to protect against water running back into the engine when stopped, Vetus have developed an extensive range of waterlocks to suit exhaust sytems from 30mm up 250mm diameter.  The range of Vetus waterlocks includes innovative models that feature rotating bodies and hose connections that allow for easy installation and connection of hoses from any direction. 

Click here to view the full range of Vetus Waterlocks.




Available for exhaust systems 40mm to 100mm, the Vetus range of inline mufflers are designed to create additional mixing of water inside the exhaust line resulting in further noise reduction without effecting the flow of exhaust gas. For larger application Vetus offer the MV and MF model mufflers that are suitable for systems running 90m through to 250mm diameter exhaust.

Click here to view the full range of Vetus Mufflers.



In order to protect the exhaust system from water back fill, Vetus offer a range of goosenecks designed to raise the exhaust hose above the water line.  The range of Vetus goosenecks suits exhaust systems from 40mm up to 152mm in diameter and now includes an innovative range of combination muffler/gooseneck with rotating chambers and hose connections.  

Click here to view the full range of Vetus Goosenecks.



Vetus water gas separators are designed to separate the injected raw cooling water from the exhaust gas, eliminating gurgling exhaust noises. Vetus water gas separators are available to suit 40mm to 75mm exhaust systems and have rotating hose connections allowing for hose to be connected from any angle.  

Click here to view the range of Water Gas Separators.



Vetus offer one of the most flexible exhaust hose on the market today. Increased spiral reinforcement and the supplety of the rubber ensures that Vetus hose will hold its shape when bending, remaining  smooth internally.  Available in sizes ranging from 30mm to 300mm internal diameter, all Vetus exhaust hose has Lloyds Register of shipping approval and also meets SAE J2006 R2 standard requirements. 

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Being creators of boat systems, Vetus offer an extensive range of exhaust components that allow a one stop solution for all wet exhaust sytems.

  • Transom exhaust oulets.
  • Straight and angled hose connectors.
  • Temperature alarms
  • Heavy duty stainless steel hose clamps.

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