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    Fenquin carries a vast range of Vision Alert truck and emergency vehicle lights and offer professional advice and a complete fitting service. With daylight savings over, now is the time to upgrade your old lighting systems or add some lighting enhancements to your rig! There’s nothing worse than being caught without the right lighting system […]



The TWD1240VE is a powerful, reliable and economical Versatile Diesel Engine built on the dependable Volvo in-line six design.

Durability & low noise
Designed for the easiest, fastest and most economical installation. Well balanced to produce smooth and vibration-free operation with low noise level, featured with high torque. To maintain a controlled working temperature in cylinders and combustion chambers, the engine is equipped with piston cooling. The engine is also fitted with replaceable cylinder liners and valve seats/guides to ensure maximum durability and service life of the engine.

Operational economy & Low exhaust emission
The state of the art, high-tech injection and air charging system with low internal losses contributes to excellent combustion and low fuel consumption. The TWD1240VE complies with EPA/CARB Tier 2 and EU stage II exhaust emission regulations.

Easy service & maintenance
Easily accessible service and maintenance points contribute to the ease of service of the engine.

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